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Impact Detroit Magazine enhances and distributes innovative ideas. Our mission is to highlight  people, issues and events that make an impact in Detroit. Impact Detroit Magazine makes an active effort to highlight culture, promote diversity, and advance community through our print and online publication. Impact Detroit Magazine informs, uplifts excellence, celebrates intelligence and showcases the transitions in the community of Detroit and beyond.




Here media moves with purpose; through our consistent expansion of knowledge we create a platform for exploration and discovery. Most of our stories focus on Detroit. In addition we feature inspiring articles and stories from a variety of industries with a focus on ordinary people and public figures doing extraordinary things to impact, influence and change our world.




At Impact Detroit Magazine, we find that often in media the bad and the ugly consume the headlines in Detroit and cities like her. Our goal is to cover news while capturing culture, and highlighting positive stories that inspire and inform.


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Impact Detroit Magazine is a bimonthly Life, Culture and News magazine based in Detroit, Michigan, with emphasis on advertising and marketing. Impact Detroit is a gateway into reality from both new and familiar perspectives. This magazine’s niche editorial coverage maintains focused on creative and inspiring content to highlight the achievement of all things that impact Detroit and beyond. Culture is an ever changing medium, so this magazine documents the beauty of all its twists and turns.


IDM was founded by Susan Jones, after 2010. She began the magazine with a goal to inspire Detroiters through the publication of a quality cutting edge magazine. Jones goal was to give her audience something to believe in.


In 2017, Impact Detroit Magazine was re-established when President & Founder Susan Jones joined forces with Shayler Richmond, Chief Executive Officer,  and team Kierra Dixson; Chief Operating Officer and Evan Grayson; Director of Marketing and Design. These fresh additions to the executive team led way to the relaunch of Impact Detroit Magazine, as an innovative and engaging magazine that documents Detroit and beyond to our diverse audience.


Impact Detroit Magazine is a platform for in-depth coverage on what’s new, who’s doing it, feature stories, reviews, and more. Here at IDM we celebrate Detroit for the great city it is and the history represented; our magazine is a reflection of Detroit’s past, present, and future.

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