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Black Media Association 


“A media support network integrated into the community to shift and grow the culture of media.”

- BMA Motto 




Black Media Association builds equity and community in all media-related fields by supporting the integral and ethical portrayal of historically marginalized arts, identities, and issues.

Founded on October 30th, 2017

at Eastern Michigan University

in Ypsilanti, Michigan


Purpose. BMA enables a union of students and professionals dedicated to:

(a) Being an exemplary group of professionals that advance diversity and excellence in media.

(b) Increasing the number of Black media professionals working as journalists, writers, photographers, editors, and any other media and communications intersection.

(c) Promoting and advocating effective media practices while giving deference to the coverage of Black communities and other marginalized people, topics, and issues within the African diaspora to intentionally build equity in media and beyond.

(d) Encouraging and supporting historically marginalized scholars who aim to work in media and communications-related fields.

(e) Providing in-house professional development opportunities along with professional development opportunities open to the public, as well as creating greater access to fellowships, internships, grants, scholarships, and direct career pathways.

(f)  Increasing the number of Black staff, faculty, and other leaders in media and communications education.

(g)  Strengthening ties between Black media professionals across the nation and the world.

(h) Producing and engaging in programming and events to develop, advocate, and expand the mission of the Black Media Association.

(i) Working to develop the skills and network of all our members to best serve the Black Media Association and beyond.

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